Machine Quilting Designs and Ideas

Duration: 25:34

Need some new quilting designs and ideas? Heather Thomas gives you a pep talk telling you that failure and ugly quilts are part of the process to mastering machine quilting. Then start practicing by taking a look at pages of designs with Heather. Hear how they are best used on an average quilt and feel free to pause the video to take a closer look.

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4 Responses to “Machine Quilting Designs and Ideas”
  1. Primrose

    All these on a machine? Free motion? Newbie here, trying to figure out simple designs for jelly roll quilts. I was thinking more straight line, geometric shapes. Looking for designs.

    • National Quilters Circle
      National Quilters Circle

      Hi Primrose. You have some great ideas.
      Try straight lines. Segment your quilt off so you have straight lines going up and down in one segment, across in another and even diagonal in another. Have fun with it. Angela Walters has a great book on simple modern designs.

  2. Sunnye Sherman
    Sunnye Sherman

    Heather, I love all the videos I’ve seen you in. You and I are so much alike in theory: I want my quilts to look like a human did them. Not perfect. That’s why I sign my quilts “by Sunnye”; they are unique; they are what they are. Keep sending out the message that we need to go easy on ourselves.

  3. Althea

    A lot of good information. I am trying to learn & am always wondering what to quilt & where. Heather does a good job. Thank you