NQC LIVE! April 2017

Join us for the latest installment of NQC LIVE with quilting expert Heather Thomas on Tuesday, April 11th at 7:00 p.m. CST. Heather will be answering your quilting questions live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.Feel free to submit questions live during the broadcast by writing in the comment box below!

NQC LIVE! March 2017

During the March NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed what makes a show quilt – what judges are looking for and how to perfect the small details. She also shared tips on how to perfectly pin baste your quilt and how to manage the bulk of quilting a large quilt on your standard home sewing machine.

NQC LIVE! February 2017

During February’s NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed her favorite type of thread to use when piecing and quilting, how to organize and catalog your quilt projects, and tips to keep in mind if you are trying to make quilting your living.

NQC LIVE! January 2017

In this month’s live event Heather Thomas discusses where to begin quilting you quilt, whether to pre-wash your fabric or not and when to use products like Retayne and Synthrapol. She also gives tips for how to tell if you are buying a high quality fabric or not.

NQC LIVE! December 2016

During the December NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed making blocks larger and smaller, as well as different ways to make an overall quilt pattern larger or smaller. She also explained how to keep borders straight, how to choose a quilt design, and how to work through creative blocks.

NQC LIVE! November 2016

Thanks for tuning in to November’s NQC LIVE with Ashley and Heather where you got your quilting questions answered live on air. In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here. Make sure to tune in next month for another NQC LIVE! Original air date: Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 p.m. CST

Exclusive LIVE Event: Hand Beading

Join us for the first NQC Live event specially for Gold members on Friday, October 14th at 7 P.M. CST. During this special event, our own Heather Thomas will be talking about the fine art of hand-beaded appliques. Tune in for Heather’s best tips, tricks, and techniques regarding hand-beading for quilts.

NQC LIVE! October 2016

In this month’s NQC LIVE Event, Heather discussed different batting, how to fix common stitch quality issues when you start quilting, and how changing both your needle type and size can help keep thread from breaking.

NQC LIVE! September 2016

In this month’s NQC Live Event, Heather Thomas discussed how to make landscape quilts proportional and how to sew fun, creative embellishments onto a quilt. Heather also answered questions about thread breakage while quilting, how to position and maneuver a large quilt while quilting, and how to work with and care for vintage fabrics.

NQC LIVE! August 2016

In this month’s live Q&A, Heather Thomas answered your questions on how to deal with fullness when quilting, how to enlarge blocks and how to get started machine quilting. She also talked about how to start building a fabric stash as well as how to find inspiration to start a new project.