NQC LIVE! March 2017

During the March NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed what makes a show quilt Рwhat judges are looking for and how to perfect the small details. She also shared tips on how to perfectly pin baste your quilt and how to manage the bulk of quilting a large quilt on your standard home sewing machine.


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4 Responses to “NQC LIVE! March 2017”

  1. Susan

    When finishing piecing a pieced block quilt, I have a question about the binding overlap on the top. The pieced edge only has 1/4 inch seam showing. You said the binding should be tight. So..... If I am using a 1" binding for covering each side i.e.2" binding width, shouldn't it only show 1/4 " on the top? But...quilts generally finish with a wider binding look... So what is filling up the inside of that 1"? Is it extra backing and batting?

  2. Sandra

    Judy Hopkins was the aurthor for around the block

  3. Debby

    What minimum throat size would you recommend is needed on a home machine to do free motion quilting?

  4. Linda M

    Do you use your walking foot to bind your quilt?