NQC LIVE! July 2016

In this month’s NQC LIVE with Heather Thomas, learn about accurate cutting and piecing, proper ways to enlarge blocks, and how to ensure your backing fabric is lined up. Heather also gives tips on embellishing, including how many different embellishments to use, as well as how to make sure the end result is balanced. Heather also talks about paper and how it can be incorporated into a quilt!

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50 Responses to “NQC LIVE! July 2016”

  1. Millie

    I am making placemats,different colors top and bottom,if I stitch in the ditch do I use same colors thread in the top and bottom?

  2. connie duzanc

    how do you attach yoyos to the quilt

  3. Denise

    Would you advise quilting in sections on a single bed quilt with border for a beginner with an old sewing machine?

  4. Rajani

    What to do if I need the point to point perfection in joining lone star quilt diamonds

  5. Shirley

    When adding sashing to quilt blocks, do you need to square off the blocks before adding sashing or after the sashing is sewn onto the blocks

  6. Lee Venetis

    If you make a king size quilt all out of flannel (for an adult) do you still put a batting in it?

  7. Sheri

    Your knowledge and presentation were so much appreciated! I'll look for more classes!

  8. Doris

    Concerning pressing: What do you think about the wooden iron instead of using your fingers to press the seam.

  9. Lyn

    Can you tell me please how to get my tension good on a quilting frame machine, it is only a Janome1600P

  10. Patty

    (Texas). Hi, I've been quilting for a year now and I would like to know how important different types of needles are.