NQC LIVE! September 2018

In this month’s NQC LIVE, Susan Guzman shares her approach to selecting different fabric colors and prints for quilts, discusses what types and weights of thread to use when piecing and quilting and offers tips on how to ensure that your points line up perfectly on pinwheel and flying geese blocks.

Tips for Choosing and Using the Right Ruler

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24 Responses to “NQC LIVE! September 2018”

  1. Patricia Marquet

    Hi Everyone, Hurricane Utah here.

  2. Jane Tutton

    While I like that these webinars are trying to get a lot of information out to folks that don't have years of experience or access to classes, some of the information presented is just patently wrong. For example, ball point needles are for stitching on knits as the ball point does not pierce the knit, which could result in pulls. Universal needles are used for piecing cottons. When the speaker does not know, she should refrain from stating anything. I have been quilting for over 30 years and have gone to many classes and seminars to improve my understanding of the mechanics of quilting, not just matching fabrics and piecing. Please improve these aspects of the webinars.

  3. Helen

    Hi from SD

  4. Michelle

    Looking forward to learning something tonight

  5. Jaqi Briggs

    If you are making a quilt with a pattern like in the Bear Paw block and wanted the paw or the claws to be the focus, what would you do?

  6. Lauri

    Will you please spell the name of thread you have mentioned?

  7. Crystal

    Like your question and answers. Learn so much.

  8. Julie Baker

    I've missed some of your live feed so not sure if anyone has asked..... I'm learning to free motion on my Pfaff machine. I'm in conflict with needles and thread. Is there a basic rule of thumb? What is the best needle and thread for FMQ?

  9. Sherrie

    First time with you

  10. Cathy

    When pressing my squares how can I prevent them from be distorted?