NQC LIVE! March 2018

Did you miss the latest installment in our NQC LIVE series with the very talented Gina Perkes. Gina answers your quilting question live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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37 Responses to “NQC LIVE! March 2018”

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  1. Susan P

    Are any previous Quilt Block Challenge blocks online to do now. I would like do any blocks available to learn all techniques.

  2. Gisele

    My first challenge and I learned a lot will join again if an there is an other challenge in the future

  3. Bev

    Question….This is the first I’ve listened to this program series and I’m not familiar with the website that has the block information, Where would I find this and how would I get the pattern and information?

  4. Laura Jankowski

    I sorry for going back on you but what about the glue stick gumming up my machine should I be doing something to prevent that?

  5. Mary Gallagher

    I participated in the quilt challenge and hope to finish the quilt in the next few weeks. Thank you for the block patterns.

  6. Laura Jankowski

    I want to thank you for answering my question about fabric glue. Very informative

  7. Mary

    Why is starch used when quilting. At what point do you starch? What is best starch to use that won’t gunk up my sewing machine?

  8. Mary

    After I finished piecing together the top of a quilt, 6 foot x 6 foot, what is the best way to square it up since it’s large. I folded mine in quarters, not sure that was right to do.

  9. Holly Nielson

    How will we know when the Quilting Live Videos are going to happen in the Facebook Group?

  10. martha philbeck

    I have loved the challenge and hope you have another one soon. I am not able to get the videos for some reason. I do not have google chrome, I don’t like it. I have one block to finish, but I am making a full size quilt with mine.

  11. lynette ruta

    very good practise on the stars and skill building was great… thankou.

  12. Peggie Chouinard

    Hi Gina. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern! My question is this……will there be a compilation of the final correct version of the blocks? Trying to find the latest version has proven difficult. Again I thank you for the challenge and the beauty!

  13. gigor

    I thought before the challenge started there was mention of QAYG. Have I missed something? Jude/Gigor

    • Terry

      Yes Gina did say she was going to show us this, but she has never got around to doing this. I wish she would of done what she said she would do. I loved the challenge.

  14. Michele

    My first challenge and I loved every week! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.