NQC LIVE! December 2016

During the December NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed making blocks larger and smaller, as well as different ways to make an overall quilt pattern larger or smaller. She also explained how to keep borders straight, how to choose a quilt design, and how to work through creative blocks.

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16 Responses to “NQC LIVE! December 2016”

  1. Linda B Reagam

    Heather Thomas is by far my favorite instructor. These answers were all extremely helpful. Heather, please show us your kitty on the next session. :-)

  2. Sandra Bergey

    I am using a polyester fusible batting on a wall hanging project & my stitches are nesting
    & missing on my backing, is this the type of batting I am using? I usually use a cotton batting. Thank you for you advice, sandra Bergey

  3. Connie McGuire

    when I give a quilt as a gift they ask if they need to dry clean it or can they wash it. I always prewash my material….but which is the best way for them to maintain the beauty of the quilt?

  4. Peggy Buzzard

    Do you ever use the binding you can buy in a package…that is the binding that is already folded and in a package various colors and about 3 yards long

  5. Carol J

    Hello! Do you ever get ‘quilter’s block’? If you do, how do you get out of the slump? Do your quilts talk to you when it comes to the quilting?

  6. Patricia Hanks-Thomas

    I absolutely LOVE your program. Even at my “advanced age”, I still learn so much from you. Thank you so much for all your help.
    I am rather new with quilting, and find every one having a diffrent opinion. Find it hard to know who to go with.. so I thought you would be the best to ask my problem.
    So many say they “always” starch their fabric before sewing, and some others say “never” They say bugs will be drawn to it. advice please?

  7. Glynn

    If a quilt has multi colors in the blocks, how can you sew in the ditch without the stitches showing in the off colored fabric?

  8. Kim

    I have been looking forward to this live feed. I submitted a question a few days ago and anxious to hear the answer, but my internet connection keeps going in and out and afraid I missed the answer. My question is, what is Broadcloth? Many online fabric sites offer it and is it 100% cotton and good for quilting?

  9. Janet

    Thank you for encouraging me to keep working on my machine quilting. I want my quilts to be loved and eventually fall apart not as a show piece, but I want them to look good too. You’ve given me so many great tips. Question: Do you recommend plastic bobbins or metal. I need to buy some more – only have 25, but will never need your 200 :) Thanks.

  10. Janie

    When making a quilt label, is it appropriate to include name of the person who designed the pattern?

    Is it necessary to contact the designer of a quilt pattern to receive permission to enter a quilt (made using that pattern) in a quilt show?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Janie. When it comes to quilt labels, you can include any information that you think is important. So if later on you want to remember who designed the quilt I would absolutely include it. I would also include who made and quilted it along with the year it was made. Other fun information to include could be who it was made for, if someone special.
      This may depend on the type of show you are entering it in, however in general I would say that yes you need to ask for permission. Here is a line from entry guidelines for an AQS quilt show:
      Any quilt that cannot be defined as an original piece requires written design permission from the inspiration(s) source.

      Hope this helps!