NQC LIVE! August 2017

In this month’s NQC LIVE with Heather Thomas learn what her favorite presser foot is to use and how you can modify your own presser feet, understand why some fabrics ravel more than others when cut and how to know if a fabric is good quality and get tips for starting your first quilting project.

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12 Responses to “NQC LIVE! August 2017”

  1. Grace

    You just mentioned using size 60 thread for machine applique. If you use a 60 size thread, what size needle would you use?

  2. Shelley

    Please repeat your comment about sewing the binding on the back first if machine stitching on both sides.

  3. Patricia

    Another question please, I have a quilt top my grandmother hand quilted over 20 years ago. No one will professionally quilt it, due to fear of pulling out the seams. There are imperfections through out. My thought is to use an iron on light weight interfacing/stabilizer to keep the seams in place. I would then add a thin batting or flannel for the middle and backing to complete. I also thought about putting the quilt in a hoop to hand quilt. The top is made from leftover fabric and store bought clothing. Sorry for long question. Hope you understand it. No worries if you can't. Thanks from New York State.

  4. Nancy

    Jelly rolls are sometimes cut by shops so their sizes or strip numbers could vary.

  5. Beckie Ellis

    First time listening. Looking forward to future ones. Thank you!

  6. Maureen

    I have watched a lot of videos that you have made and have learned so much from you. This is the second live I have watched with you and appreciate all of the information that you give out. Thank you for that. Why is it that some jelly rolls have 30 pieces and others 40?

  7. Patricia

    I recently saw a "stitch in the ditch" presser foot advertised on Facebook, do you know anything about them?

  8. Pauline


  9. Shelley

    What is your opinion of die cut machines for quilting, such as Accuquilt or Sizzix?

  10. Mary Ellen

    If something is to be hand appliqued............can you still sew with machine or does it ruin the final quilt?