Heather Thomas

Quilt Designs with Multiple Colors

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   11  mins

Heather Thomas discusses the art of adding color and decorative stitching to the surface of your quilts in this video. Heather teaches you how to choose which thread color is right for your quilting project, and shows several examples of art quilting pieces that she has done. Learn how to create beautiful quilt designs with multiple colors with Heather’s help.

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2 Responses to “Quilt Designs with Multiple Colors”

  1. Kathleen

    So inspiring and informative. I can't wait to try this kind of technique.

  2. snowbird

    I love your art methods and ideas. I feel like I'm looking at a canvas that has been painted whenever I watch your videos. They inspire me to imagine and create. Thank you so much for your knowledge and time.

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