Adding Quilt Texture to a Dimensional Strippy Quilt

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Quilt texture can be added in a variety of different way- from using different fabrics, to folding fabrics to exposing raw edges. Heather Thomas combines several of these techniques to create her quilt texture in this fun strippy dimensional quilt.

Fabrics and Preparation

For this technique Heather rips all of her fabric strips. The raw edges help in building quilt texture more so than a cut edge would. She explains what kinds of fabrics are easier to rip that others and why some fabrics, such as printed fabrics, are not the best to use with this kind of technique. She then explains what size of strips to rip as well as approximately how many you will need, depending on the size of quilt you are making.

Heather then shows you how to prepare the background fabric needed for this quilt texture piece. Since many strips of fabric are going to be stitched down fairly close together, the background needs to be sturdy. She explains how she layers a backing fabric, batting, and a background fabric and then quilts it together with an all over stipple design. Once that is ready the strips of fabric can be added.


For this quilting texture idea, the quilt texture is actually happening during the piecing. The background is quilted first and then the strips are added. Heather shows how to add the strips by first pressing them in half to provide a stitch line and then laying them along the background. Once the first strip is stitched in place, more and more strips can be added, approximately ¼” away from the previous strip until the entire background is filled.

Heather also explains how to add fun folded points into random areas throughout the quit. After all of the strips are stitched Heather shows how to press the quilt to enhance the quilt texture rather than flatten it. She also gives ideas on how to add a simple binding to the top and the bottom of the quilt and explains why she leaves the sides unbound.

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