Heather Thomas

Make an Artsy Peek-a-Boo Kids Quilt

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   6  mins

Learn a fun new idea for a kids quilt, creating a peek-a-boo effect by adding finished edged frames- Heather Thomas shows you how.

Create Rounded Quilt Frames

For this kids quilt idea, Heather explains how to create rounded frames with finished edges so the quilt can be washed. She demonstrates how to layer two pieces of fabric together, one slightly smaller than the other, and then draw your frame shape directly on the fabric. She then stitches the fabric layers together along the drawn line. For this step Heather adjusts her stitch length to make the circle more secure and explains what length she uses.

Once the circle has been stitched, she shows how to cut out the inside of the circle, explaining how much of a seam allowance to leave and why. Heather then shows how to clip the rounded edges and turn the circle right side out, creating the frame. Once the frame is turned right side out, Heather presses from both sides to ensure both layers of fabric lay flat.

Customizing Your Kids Quilt

For her kids quilt Heather explains how she plans to make multiple frame blocks that she will then layer over a printed fabric to show through the frame. This would also be a fun idea for baby quilts, since this technique creates a finished edge which will stand up well to repeated washing. While Heather demonstrated this kids quilt idea using a hand dyed silk fabric, you could also use other fabric as well.

Cotton fabric can be used to make a cute baby quilt and tote featuring fun frames to highlight a printed fabric. You can pick your printed fabric and then plan your frames around the areas you want to show off, making the frames in various sizes and placing them randomly throughout the baby or kids quilt.

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