Adhering Embellishments to Art Quilts

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I love the look of decorative embellishments on art quilts, but how do you adhere them to the fabric? Sometimes it doesn’t look like there is any stitching at the top of the embellishments.

Submitted by Debra

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Hi Debra! This is a great question. It can be so much fun to make these embellishments, but what point do they serve (besides being pretty of course!) if we can’t actually attach them to their intended surface? The answer here is applique.

The best way to applique shapes and designs like these in place without having visible stitches on top is to hand applique using an invisible stitch – or very tiny stitches at the edge of the embellishment almost to where it is hidden underneath. It can be time consuming, but the invisible effect will be so worth it!

Here are some of my favorite embellishments you can try:

Happy quilting!


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