Where Should I Place My Ruler?

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In terms of measuring, I have often wondered: should the line on a ruler sit ON the edge or BESIDE the edge of the fabric? I know it might only be a whisker difference, but should I only see fabric beneath the measurement line? Submitted by Denise
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What a good question! I personally prefer to have my ruler sit directly ON the edge of the fabric as opposed to beside it. You are correct that it would only be a tiny difference if any at all, so I would just recommend consistency. However you choose to line up your ruler, do so the same every time. Hope this helps! Ashley Related links: Quilting 101: Common Problems and Quick Fixes How to Make a Quilt Border: Cutting and Measuring Accessories for Quilting Rulers Do you have a quilting question you’d like answered by an expert? Email your question to editor@nationalquilterscircle.com or reach out to us on Facebook. Please note: questions may be edited for clarity and relevance. Quilting Tips

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17 Responses to “Where Should I Place My Ruler?”

  1. l.brissett

    I have trouble squaring up.

  2. Robin

    How should I square up my pre cut squares? I am a nw to quilting and have not been able to find an answer please help

  3. Sue Ann Munger

    Always looking for tips to improve my skills.

  4. Lydia Bourque

    When using shifting fabric it frays. Should the frayed ends be cut off completely, cut to a quarter inch, leave alone? Thanks

  5. Patty

    Yeah quilting!

  6. Nancy

    This looks like a great place to get your questions answered

  7. Linda Cusey

    Don’t have Website

  8. Rebecca

    Thank you! I always have this question.

  9. Karen

    What are the tools that I would need for quilting ie cutting mat what type of scissors rotary cutter etc ?

  10. Jessica

    The creative grid stripology rulers that allow you to cut numerous strips is this a way to go for more perfect strips?