How Do I Use Lutradur For Photo Printing?

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I am very interested in using Lutrador for printing photos on a quilt. Can the printed photos be stitched to the fabric and then quilted lightly? Will it last if stitched onto the quilt fabric or will it eventually deteriorate? Can it be washed? I can’t find this information. I Googled “Lutrador” and found various places to purchase it, but not explanation of details for its use.

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Printing on Lutradur is a great way to add unusual texture and interest to your art quilts, however, it’s not the best product to use for quilts that will get a lot of use or laundering. If that is the case, I would suggest that you use the photo transfer fabrics from Jacquard. They are available in cotton, silk and organza and are all hand washable and when used with a high quality printer will give you high quality prints.

If you plan to do use Lutradur, you will need to first prepare it with one of the following preparation tools:

    • Digital Ground Medium
    • Ink Aid
    • Bubble Jet Set
These mediums need to be painted onto Lutradur, first painting in one direction with a paint brush and then paint in opposite direction. You can paint left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top; just make sure it is covered if you plan to use it in your printer.

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