• Free motion quilting with corners

    Creating a Quilt Block with Jelly Rolls

    Using precut fabrics can be a great way to save time when cutting out fabric for piecing. Heather Thomas shows you how to incorporate one precut, a jelly roll, into a fun and easy quilt block design that doesn’t require any pattern and can be arranged in multiple layouts. Jelly Roll Heather first begins by…

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  • Quilt ruler and jelly roll strips

    Making a Rail Fence Quilt Pattern Using Jelly Roll

    Learn how to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly roll – Heather Thomas shows you how! Fabric In order to learn how to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly rolls you first need to know what a jelly roll is. Heather shows an example of one size of jelly roll and…

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  • Creating an Art Quilt

    Creating Art Quilts

    Karen Gillis Taylor shows you several examples of beautiful art quilts while teaching you how to design and create your own art quilts. Learn how to use a photograph or a painting as inspiration for your art quilt design. Enhance your art quilts by combining and incorporating different fabrics into your piece. Utilize these helpful…

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  • Quilt as You Go: Easy Scrap Quilt Ideas

    Quilt as You Go: Easy Scrap Quilt Ideas

    Sherri Driver teaches you how to make a cute, fast quilt that uses old scraps with this quilt as you go technique. Start by learning how to make the base of the quilt with similar patches to form a pattern and then add some of your favorite little picture motifs you’ve had left over. You…

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  • Film strip quilt

    How to Create a Film Strip Quilt

    A film strip quilt can be a fun way to showcase photos printed directly onto fabric. Ashley Hough shows you how to make this fun project while also sharing tips on how to print photos onto fabric. Supplies For this project you will need black and white fabric, or something similar, to create the film…

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  • Quilted Fabric Gift Tags

    Quilted Fabric Gift Tags

    Fabric gift tags are a great way to use up small pieces of extra quilted projects. Heather Thomas shows you how to make this fun and easy project in just a few simple steps. Fabric Gift Tags For this project, Heather shows how she is using a small scrap trimmed from a quilted table runner.…

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  • Quilting Shapes for an Art Quilt Project

    Quilting Shapes for an Art Quilt Project

    Quilting shapes can be used as inspiration for the quilting designs on a project or for the shape of the project itself. Heather Thomas shows you how to make fun shaped wall art pieces using layers of thick fabric and stabilizer, and then cutting them into any desired quilting shape. Fabric For this quilting project…

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  • Pattern packs

    Quilting and Copyright Rules

    Copyright law can be a confusing and intimidating topic. Heather Thomas explains many aspects of copyright law including when a pattern is considered copyrighted, what you can and cannot do with a pattern that is copyrighted and what it means to license a pattern. Copyright From the moment a designer writes a pattern it is…

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  • Fabric beaded pendant

    Quilt an Easy Stylish Fabric Beaded Pendant

    Many people consider themselves multi-crafters, meaning that they enjoy more than one type of craft. In this video, learn how to quilt a beaded pendant and combine the arts of quilting and jewelry making with Heather Thomas. Fabrics Great for Making Jewelry For this fun beaded pendant, you don’t need very large pieces of quilt…

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