Creating Art Quilts

Karen Gillis Taylor
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Duration:   10:27   mins

Karen Gillis Taylor shows you several examples of beautiful art quilts while teaching you how to design and create your own art quilts. Learn how to use a photograph or a painting as inspiration for your art quilt design. Enhance your art quilts by combining and incorporating different fabrics into your piece. Utilize these helpful tips and techniques to create a unique art quilt.

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7 Responses to “Creating Art Quilts”

  1. Elizabeth Smith

    Hello Karen Would you create a template for a art hanging for me if I was to send you the photo? If not where would I go to get one done. I live in Australia but it could be done online. Many thanks

  2. Janet Vickers

    Ive always wanted to give an art quilt a go. I think small is the way to do it. Thanks for the video.

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