• NQC LIVE! My Woven Hearts Mini Wall Hanging

    Let’s indulge in a little nostalgia. You might remember making cute little heart pockets like these to collect all the adorable Valentine cards your classmates gave you in school.

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  • NQC LIVE! January 2022

    Welcome to 2022! We are back with Colleen to start the year with great projects.

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  • NQC LIVE! December 2021

    Welcome back to our NQC LIVE! We have Colleen Tauke with us to answer all your quilting questions before the Holidays. We will be live on Tuesday, December 7th at 12:00pm CT. Join us then! Grab a FREE download to make a Christmas Tree Skirt before the Holidays!

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  • 1:04:10

    NQC LIVE! November 2021

    Watch the replay to learn a bit from Colleen Tauke! She chats with the community about Holiday projects and tools you need to get your quilting friends this season.

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  • 59:36

    NQC LIVE! October 2021

    Catch up on our community Q&A’s with Colleen Tauke. This month Colleen chatted about Holiday project planning, batting and combatting dry, quilter hands during the winter. Grab some fun and free Halloween Projects from our Craft-o-ween Mini-series completed last week!

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  • 1:02:40

    NQC LIVE! September 2021

    We had Amanda Murphy on our NQC Q&A to answer questions about Long Arm Quilting. She has some great stories and pieces of advice. Check it out now! Also, make sure to grab our free download all about Color Theory!

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  • 1:02:50

    NQC LIVE! August 2021

    Join Colleen Tauke for a Live Q&A session on National Quilters Circle. Take a chance to watch now! Also, make sure to grab our free download all about Color Theory!

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  • 58:41

    NQC LIVE! July 2021

    Welcome back! Colleen Tauke answered a lot of great questions around batting, binding and hand sewing this month. Make sure to check it out to learn from our community! We really want to see what you’ve been working on! Send us a photo of your most recent project, finished or in the works, on our…

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  • 31:51

    Binding Tips and Tricks

    Colleen shares her tips and tricks for binding, cutting, preparing, applying, and finishing a quilt. Whether you are new to quilting or a seasoned pro, these simple techniques can always be sharpened! Get the free PDF about Binding Tips and Tricks now! Do you also find yourself questioning your color choices? You’re not alone. Our…

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