• NQC LIVE! June 2021

    Welcome to National Quilters Circle’s June Q&A! Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke will be ready to answer all your live viewer questions. Join us Thursday, June 17th at 11:00 am CT. Grab a few of our Activity Pages and get quilt block coloring pages, sewing crosswords, and much more!

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    NQC LIVE! May 2021

    Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke got together to answer viewer questions and chat about all things Quilting. In our May Q&A, they discussed putting blocks on point, embroidery, and their differences as quilters. Listen now and learn something new!

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  • 1:02:33

    NQC LIVE! April 2021

    Welcome to our NQC LIVE for April 2021! We have a special guest, Kelly Ashton with our host Ashley Hough this month. We got to learn a bit about Kelly and her incredible pattern making skills, quilting expertise, and hear her answer some live viewer questions. Watch now to learn more about Kelly! Also, make…

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  • 1:04:25

    NQC LIVE: February 2021

    Catch up with the NQC community with Colleen and Ashley as they answer live viewer questions!

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  • 58:20

    NQC LIVE! January 2021

    Colleen answers live viewer questions about all things quilting! She talks about the best quilting machines, projects to start getting into and more!

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  • 54:50

    NQC LIVE! December 2020

    Catch up with us on our NQC Q&A! Colleen and Nicki talk about batting, Holiday projects and more.

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  • 45:51

    NQC LIVE! November 2020

    Catch up on our November NQC Q&A to hear all the Holiday questions live viewers have for Ashley and Colleen.

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  • 1:02:34

    NQC LIVE! October 2020

    Experts Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke chatted about all things quilting during our October Q&A. Watch it now if you missed it live! Download our Halloween Mask Pattern for 4 cute additives to your costume – there are 5 patterns for masks and 5 patterns for treat bags!

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  • 1:01:27

    NQC LIVE! September 2020

    Watch the September NQC LIVE Q&A! Colleen Tauke is back with Nicki LaFoille and they chat about getting back into quilting, the best marking tools and answering, “does fabric ever get too old?” To get in the Autumn spirit, download the free Autumn Mix & Match Table Runner here. Choose from over 12 pattern squares…

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