• NQC LIVE! January 2021

    Welcome to the first NQC Q&A of 2021! We are in a new year, ready to answer all of your questions live. Send in any quilting project problems or questions you have for our expert Colleen Tauke in the comments. See you Monday, January 25th at 11:00 am CT!

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  • NQC LIVE! December 2020

    Welcome everyone to our December NQC Live Q&A event! Join Colleen Tauke and Nicki LaFoille as they chat about everything quilting this Tuesday, December 8th at 10:00 am CT. Watch while they are live to get your questions answered or watch the playback video whenever you can!

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  • NQC LIVE! November 2020

    Join us of our National Quilters Circle November Q&A with Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke! They will be live on November 3rd at 2:00 p.m. CT. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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  • 1:02:34

    NQC LIVE! October 2020

    Experts Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke chatted about all things quilting during our October Q&A. Watch it now if you missed it live! Download our Halloween Mask Pattern for 4 cute additives to your costume – there are 5 patterns for masks and 5 patterns for treat bags!

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  • 1:01:27

    NQC LIVE! September 2020

    Watch the September NQC LIVE Q&A! Colleen Tauke is back with Nicki LaFoille and they chat about getting back into quilting, the best marking tools and answering, “does fabric ever get too old?” To get in the Autumn spirit, download the free Autumn Mix & Match Table Runner here. Choose from over 12 pattern squares…

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  • 43:13

    NQC LIVE! Starlight Mountains Quilt Block Challenge

    Nicki LaFoille and special guest Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations discuss our newest FREE quilt block challenge: Starlight Mountains, in this month’s Q&A. They address many questions related to the challenge, as well as general quilting questions.

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  • 58:41:00

    NQC LIVE! August 2020

    Ashley Hough answers your LIVE questions about long arming, sharpening your tools and much more. If you missed us LIVE, keep an eye out for the next Q&A that airs once a month.

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  • 1:01:56

    NQC LIVE! July 2020

    Did you miss our July Q&A? Catch up now! Ashley and Colleen answered questions on how to store your quilts, how to know you are getting fair pricing from your long-arm quilter and so much more. Make sure to watch with us next month to get your questions answered LIVE! Submit any questions you have…

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  • 57:23

    NQC LIVE! May 2020

    On this month’s LIVE Q&A, Ashley Hough and special guest, Colleen Tauke, chatted about how to properly hang your quilt on the wall, what to make out of Jelly Rolls and the quilt as you go method. Come back next month to get your questions answered LIVE!

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