Colleen Tauke

NQC LIVE! October 2021

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   59  mins

Catch up on our community Q&A’s with Colleen Tauke. This month Colleen chatted about Holiday project planning, batting and combatting dry, quilter hands during the winter.

Grab some fun and free Halloween Projects from our Craft-o-ween Mini-series completed last week!

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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3 Responses to “NQC LIVE! October 2021”

  1. Pheonia

    Hi from Texas

  2. Andrea Trundle

    I need help with keeping my bobbins organized...embroidery, sewing, colors....any suggestions?

  3. Edith Ecker-Allison

    I can never see your activities nor hear you. Can only read comments.

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