Colleen Tauke

NQC LIVE! June 2021

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Welcome to National Quilters Circle’s June Q&A! Ashley Hough and Colleen Tauke chatted through viewers questions on being nervous to send your quilt to a long-armer, picking out a easy pattern for beginners and much more. Watch now to catch up with our community!

Grab a few of our Activity Pages and get quilt block coloring pages, sewing crosswords, and much more!

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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3 Responses to “NQC LIVE! June 2021”

  1. Carol A Gipple

    Any advice on what brand of sewing/quilting machine to buy. ie Brother, BabyLock, Juki, Janome. I want functions auto threading, push button cutting, autolock stitch, up/down, drop in bobbin, etc. Reading reviews have cons.I want a machine that doesn't have issues

  2. Demity Baughman

    I'm new to quilting and I have a new Brother sewing machine that is working great. But everybody I know has a fancier machine and I'm wondering if and when I should think about upgrading. And if I'm not going to do embroidery, which machine would you recommend?

  3. Pat

    Do you need to have batting between layers for quilting? What if you want a thinner quilt?

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