Colleen Tauke

NQC LIVE! April 2022

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   1  hrs

Colleen and Leah are back! Put your questions in the comment section and grab our Chicken Mitten Potholder pattern for FREE.

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5 Responses to “NQC LIVE! April 2022”

  1. Maria

    Creative Grids has some wonderful trim tools made for using up scraps. Log cabins, curvy log cabins, pineapples in 3 different sizes, and a hexagon log cabin style. I love them all, and the blocks get trimmed as you go so they’re all the same .

  2. Heather Hunter

    Trying to edge to edge my first quilt. I have it pinned as well as used spray adhesive. But the quilt seems to shift quite a bit. Is this normal? It doesn’t feel right when I’m constantly smoothing the fabric and having to re- pin because it’s not staying in place.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Heather. Thanks for contacting National Quilters Circle. The learning curve with free motion quilting can be a challenge. The basting methods you are using sound sufficient. My first question will be how closely have you pinned – the pins should be no less than 4-5 inches apart. Yes, that does mean you will be adjusting the pins or removing them quite often but that is vital to stopping the shift of layers. Next, roll or fold the outer portions of the quilt(areas you are quilting) to keep them under control. Having a surface to support the weight can also really help. I’m not sure the size of your project, but practice on smaller projects first can help. Take breaks to reduce the stress in your hands and shoulders. Remember to breathe. Learning takes time and be gentle with yourself.
      Happy Quilting
      National Quilters Circle

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