Using Teabag Paper in Quilts for a Rustic Look

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When it comes to creating an art quilt, whether you are adding embroidery or other embellishments, painting on a quilt or quilting with old blankets or other fun fabric alternatives- anything goes! Heather Thomas shows you a fun way to incorporate teabag paper, along with fabric, into your next quilt.

Teabags used in Quilting

Teabags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, though they are generally all made from the same type of teabag paper. Heather shows you how to use this paper as a fun embellishment on a quilt. Once a teabag has been used, the paper can be dried. Heather shows several different ways the bag can be dried including being laid flat or bunched up. Both methods create a different look to the bag once it is dried. Another way to make the teabag paper look different is to either leave the tea in the bag while it dries or take it out. Heather shows examples of both.

Prep and Assembly of the Tea Bags

Once the teabag paper is dry, Heather shows how to open up the bag and press the paper flat. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can press the paper so there are no wrinkles in it or leave it slightly rumpled. Since the paper is rather translucent, designs can be added to it while still being able to see the color and print of the fabric through it. Heather shows how to use paint and markers to embellish the paper. Once the paper is designed it can be stitched onto a fabric background.

Heather shows how the look of the bag can change depending on whether you place it on a light or dark background. She then explains different ways to attach the teabag paper to the quilt top, including adhering it or securing it with artistic quilting. While both methods secure the paper to the quilt, teabag paper is still fairly fragile, making this a fun fabric alternative for wall and art quilts, though not bed quilts.

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