Ashley Hough

3-Dimensional Quilting + DVD

Ashley Hough
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3-Dimensional Quilting + DVD
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7 Lessons
1  hrs 41  mins

In this class you will learn several ways to add interest and texture to your next quilting project by creating 3 dimensional quilts.

Join instructor Ashley Hough as she explains and demonstrates the two main ways you can create a 3D quilt – by creating an optical illusion or by folding and creating an actual 3D element. Ashley will show you how to stitch two optical illusion quilts; a tumbling blocks pattern and a shaded squares pattern.

While constructing both of these quilts Ashley will go over the following details:

  • Tips for fabric selection
  • Understand how different colors and shades can change the look of the block
  • Learn how to mark your fabric for perfect cutting and piecing
  • Learn how to sew a y-seam

Ashley will also demonstrate how to create two folded 3D blocks; a pinwheel and a flower. You will learn how to create multiple color variations on a 3D pinwheel and learn how to fold and stitch an intricate looking flower in multiple sizes.

Once your blocks and quilts are stitched you will learn about quilting them. Ashley explains how to approach quilting optical illusion blocks in ways that won’t distort or take away from the designs.

In addition Ashley will discuss hand quilting including what tools and needed as well as demonstrate the basic hand quilting stitch. You will also receive a class resource with 4 patterns you can use for your next project!

NOTE: You’ll receive this Class video instruction in two forms: As on-demand streaming video (in your NQC Account); and as a physical DVD, mailed to you.

Ashley Hough

Ashley has sewn for years. Her mother taught her at a very young age. When first starting out, she stuck to mastering commercial patterns before venturing into creating her own. Her patterns have been featured in Sew News, Sew It All, and she has even been on Sew It All TV. Quilting is somewhat new to Ashley, but she dove in head first – coming up with an original design for her first quilt that included curved seams and hand appliqué! She was even lucky enough to have it featured in one of Quilty’s “This is My Quilt” episodes. Ashley loves all things crafty, from sewing to knitting, crochet to quilting, and everything in between. When she isn’t working on a new project or learning a different technique she loves teaching her passion to others.

Ashley Hough

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3-Dimensional Quilting + DVD Purchase this class for $49.99.