Heather Thomas

Quilt Artists Guide to Color Session 5: All About the 12 Colors

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   12  mins

Here is where the fun begins. In this session, Heather will introduce you to the twelve colors in the color system. She will instruct you to either paint out color scales for each one or show you how to use fabric to do so. You will also learn about neutrals and create a gray scale too. She will help you understand each colors inherent value as it is compared to all of the other colors. She will also help you make sense of those pesky and unexpected ideas like the fact that the color olive is really just a shade of yellow and that pink isn’t really light red!. She will then instruct you on how to organize your stash according to the color wheel, be it fabric, beads, glass, paint, etc. You will quickly learn the value of having your colors separated out individually when you move on to the final segment.

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