Needles & Thread for Quilting

Kelly Ashton
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Duration:   21  mins

Whether you are a “seasoned” quilter or an enthusiastic beginner, learning about the wide variety of machine-quilting thread and sewing-machine needle types can seem to be a bit daunting. Join Kelly Ashton, our knowledgeable quilting instructor, as she presents the sizes, types, and styles of threads and needles. Her thorough explanations and detailed examples make learning easy and fun.

Selecting the right thread for your quilting project is the goal. Learn about thread sizes and ply, and even learn how a spool is wound. Machine-quilting thread sizes range from 100 to 8, and you will become familiar with the sizing system and the variety of typical uses, which includes fabric type and the style of thread you will be using.

You will see an explanation of thread ply and why this information can be useful for the wide range of projects you may create in the future. You will see a quick overview of the fiber types available on the market today, along with how they can be used. See samples of cotton, rayon, metallic, and monofilament threads. Kelly also shares great visual examples of machine-quilting thread sizes as she discusses how this impacts the overall appearance of a finished quilt.

The next portion of this video covers sewing-machine needle types. Selecting the correct needle size for machine quilting is a commonly asked question. There are so many different needles available and a variety of sewing machine needle types. Kelly covers the anatomy of the sewing-machine needle types and how they work, carrying the thread through the layers for perfect stitches. Then you will learn the differences in the needle eye, needle tips, and needle points. Understanding how to coordinate the proper machine-quilting thread with the best sewing-machine needle type for a professional finish of your next quilt.

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