Heather Thomas

Becoming a Quilt Artist Session 7: Working in a Series

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   14  mins

Ask just about any professional or journeyman artist if they have ever worked in a series and they will answer yes. A series is making several pieces of art that are intertwined in concepts such as technique, subject matter and more. In this segment, Heather will show you how working in a series can help you grow more quickly as an artist. Working within the confines of a series will allow you to concentrate on bigger, more important questions because so many of the smaller questions have already been answered by the parameters of the series itself. When we don’t have to think or worry about how big a piece will be or what technique we’re going to use, we are then free to explore other more pressing issues. The parameters of a series can set us free by binding us to simplicity, as well as offering us the freedom to really concentrate on particular areas of growth. Heather will also provide you with ideas to help you begin your first or next series.

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