Mystery Medallion Quilt Block Challenge: Week 6

We’re moving right along with the National Quilters Circle Mystery Quilt Block Challenge and we’re already up to week 6! We’re nearing the home stretch… time to reveal our sixth week of instructions. We will be making 10 of block 5 this week.

Over the course of eight weeks, we will be creating the Mystery Medallion quilt pattern, designed by the talented Toby Lischko.

Looking for fabric requirements? Find them here!

Click the button below to download a PDF with instructions for week 6. Make sure to share your progress in the Quilt Block Challenge Facebook Group – we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

If you haven’t signed up for the Quilt Block Challenge, there’s still time! You can sign up here to make sure you get the block assignments delivered to your inbox each week. And make sure to visit Toby’s quilt gallery to see more of her beautiful work!

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88 Responses to “Mystery Medallion Quilt Block Challenge: Week 6”

  1. Diane Voudouris

    for block 5, I can’t get step 3 & 4 to fit per measurements required. What is I’m missing here?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Diane,

      Thank you for contacting us. Sorry to hear you are having troubles. Before I can submit your question to the expert they will need a more specific description of what the issue is. How is the finished square looking? Is it lopsided? What is happening?

      If you have any other concerns, please contact us at 1-855-706-3538, or chat with us on our site.

      We greatly appreciate your business!


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  2. Nancy Mattke

    I did not receive pages 4 and 10. I am missing the block which alternates on the full quilt with block 5 on the top and bottom rows. Please send again.

  3. Deborah Esposti

    Love challenges. I hope to finally gat a machine this week so I can begin. Lost my machines in a house fire on 10/24/18. My main stress relief and I really need it now more than ever. Can’t wait to start this challenge.

  4. Diane watkins

    I love the quilts I see on facebook. There are not just 12 different blocks put together, much prettier

  5. Sharon K McCann

    Catching up this week. Week 6 not posted on FB page under files.Love the way it is looking.

  6. Beverly Harlan

    I would love to receive the past instructions as I didn’t know about this challenge.

    I would like to have patterns 1-5 as I didn’t know about the challenge. Thanks!

  7. Carla Adams

    I have never received block 4, page 8 could you please send it so can continue my project?
    Thank You, Carla

  8. Kyleen Powell

    I thought I signed up but had not heard from you so I checked only to see that you are on week 6. Please send me the weekly patterns. Thank you

  9. Dee

    I never did get page four. Also there is an optional lap quilt layout- was there one before that one?

  10. Dee

    I never did get a page 4?Also I have an optional lap quilt layout-was there another one before that?

  11. dee

    I never did get page 4? I see there is an optional lap quilt layout- was there another one first?

  12. mary7scribe

    Can I get the first five blocks patterns? I signed up for the mystery challenge and somehow missed the first five blocks. Sorry Thanks

  13. Peggy Whitacre

    Help! I can’t find my Block 1 instructions. How can I get a copy of them? Thank you

  14. Carla Adams

    Morning, as I was looking at this and printing it out I realized I never received page 8. Could you please send me that page?
    I would appreciate it very much so I can continue this project.
    Thank You, Carla

  15. Ann Galloway

    When I tried to print the pdf page, the font is extremely large, and I am unable to get the full instructions to print.

  16. Priscilla Villanueva

    just want to get my email on the list to get the mystery quilt emails.
    thank you

  17. Mary Newsom

    I signed up for the quilt block challenge. I got the fabric requirements and just got week 6 instructions, but I never got weeks 2,3,4,& 5. Is there a way to go back and get these ?

  18. Lynn Anderson

    How can I get weeks 4 and 5? For some reason they did not make it to my e-mail like the others!

  19. Darlene Noeson

    I am missing Block 2 & 4 or page 6 & 8. I have looked back in my e-mails and junk file and did not receive the notification for week 5. I believe that is where the missing blocks are. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you.

  20. Carol Zanzinger

    I joined late and do not have the patterns for Blocks 1 through 4. How to I acccess those patterns? Thank you.

  21. KATY

    I seem to be missing page 4 of the instructions. Did I do something wrong with my downloads.