Unique Quilting Project: Using Fabric to Create Layers

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The fun thing about a quilting project, especially art quilts, is that almost anything can be added and used as an embellishment or focal point. Heather Thomas shows how to add scissors and other metal bits under the top layer of fabric to create a “mystery” layer of texture.

Fabric and Supplies

For this quilting project Heather explains some of the different types of fabric that can be used and shows how fabrics such as silks and gauze work better than standard quilting cotton. She also explains how multiple layers of fabric can be used and in some cases how two layers of fabric can look better that one. For this quilting project you will also need a fusible adhesive. Heather shows what type of adhesive is her favorite to use, which is a powdered adhesive, and gives some of the alternate names it may be know by.


To create the mystery layer of texture in this quilting project Heather is using a small pair of metal scissors and other small bits of metal. However, she explains how almost anything with a small amount of thickness can be used to create the same effect. She then shows how to lay out and audition the pieces to decide the final look. After the design has been planned out, Heather shows how to use the fusible adhesive to adhere the pieces to the batting as well as adhere a top layer of fabric. She then shows how to add the hand embroidery stitches around the outlines of the shapes to make them stand out. Once all of the stitching has been completed Heather explains how on this quilting project as well as on other unique projects she will create a false back to hide any stitching and knots that show of the back of the project.

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