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Machine Quilting Pattern Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your free motion quilting designs? We've compiled a list of pattern vocabulary for you to apply to your quilts! Free motion quilting can be difficult, but it really makes quilts look incredibly unique. Do any of these patterns give you inspiration to give it a try? Read More

What’s a New Quilting Trick You’ve Learned?

After years of doing something you’re passionate about, a person is bound to pick up handy tricks along the way. Some tricks may be obvious, while others may be more intricate. Everyone has their own technique when it comes to quilting, but it really comes down to what works… Read More

15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric

“I don’t think I need any more fabric; I’ve got all that I need”… said no one ever! In case you need any motivation to go out and buy more fabric for your next quilting project (though we highly doubt that you do!), here are 15 reasons to help you… Read More

Quilting Makes Me Feel…

We all have unique experiences when we’re quilting and we often find ourselves feeling certain emotions as we work. Each day is different and we quilt for many different reasons, but most of us can agree that quilting brings out the best in us! Everyone has a different reason for… Read More

When Did You First Start Quilting?

Everyone discovers quilting at different moments in their life, and over time it slowly becomes an important part of who we are. It’s very common for people to find their love for quilting later in life, but some have been developing their skills for many… Read More

What Our Members Are Working On

We love hearing about what our members are working on in their sewing rooms. When we asked on Facebook to share a photo of your most recent quilting project, we got some inspiring responses! Here are some of our favorites. What’s keeping you busy in the sewing room this… Read More

Why is Quilting Better Than Chocolate?

Sometimes all you need in life is a little bit of chocolate. For the rest of the time, all you need is quilting! So we wanted to bring the question to the group and ask our National Quilters Circle members to fill in the blank: “Quilting is better than… Read More

A Quick Tip for Quilting Straight Lines

Notorious for beginning a project and then realizing “I really didn’t think this through,” I saw a beautiful vest in a catalog and I thought, “I can copy that vest right down to the quilting patterns.” Once again, my over confidence got the best of me. Read More

A Quilter’s Story: Scribner’s Bend

It’s known as Scribner’s Bend. Just 5 miles south of the City of Sacramento, it is an elbow-shaped turn in the Sacramento River. The soil in this farming community is some of the richest soil in the world. Wine grapes, sugar beets, and pears are just… Read More