Machine Quilting Pattern Ideas

Maching quilting pattern ideas text

Looking for some inspiration for your free motion quilting designs? We’ve compiled a list of pattern vocabulary for you to apply to your quilts! Free motion quilting can be difficult, but it really makes quilts look incredibly unique. Do any of these patterns give you inspiration to give it a try?

Calico, celtic knot and chevron quilting patterns Plaid, trefoil and trellis quilting patterns Dotted swiss, liberty and madras quilting patterns Athemion, argyle and boteh quilting patterns Quilting tips from experts banner

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9 Responses to “Machine Quilting Pattern Ideas”

  1. Marie carole Augustin

    I would like to watch free motion quilting using rulers

  2. Elina Hypponen-Hedger

    This type of post would be very helpful, and I am sure many of us would appreciate good examples (and hopefully instructions) for various free motion quilting patters.

  3. Kirsten

    Not useful at all. Expected to find help with the actual machine quilting process.

  4. elizabeth

    I’d have to see the stitching as well as the fabric. How would you quilt the Boteh if the design were appliqué.

  5. Jo Mercer

    I don't understand the point of this post. It shows swatches of fabrics, and this is supposed to be inspirational for FMQ?

  6. Ann

    Totally misleading!

  7. craftaddictstudio

    rail fence

  8. cevette_creations

    Really? This gives me no inspiration for quilting designs at all, but it did inspire me to use certain fabrics.

  9. Lois l Harding

    I'm new to quilting