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Starting in the Center or at the Sides: What’s the Scoop?

I was always taught to start quilting in the center of my quilt and work my way out and down, then return to the center of the quilt and repeat in the other in direction. Lately, I’ve come across many ideas that seem to start on the side or mention stabilizing the quilt at key points and then doing what I want, where I want to do it. What’s the scoop? Read More

Thread Color for Machine Quilting

I’m learning to use your quilting methods on my longarm machine. They are very clear and well done, thank you so much. My question is: You suggest always using the same thread on the bobbin as well as the top to eliminate the bottom thread showing up at any time on the top, and as well you suggest changing threads on top with the different color changes of the piecing. It all looks great, but does that mean we change the bottom thread each time we change the top thread? Read More

How to Sandwich a King Size Quilt

I have a question and hoping maybe someone can help me. I need to know how other quilters sandwich a king size quilt. I tried the floor – no good. I have two tables – too small. My husband said he would build me something, but wondering how… Read More

A Simple Pattern to Start

What is a good way to start learning to quilt on a sewing machine? I’m looking for simple quilt pattern to start with. I’ve tried quilt in the ditch on a smaller quilt but now I want to try something a little larger. Any ideas on where to… Read More

Adding a Ruffled Border

If I want to put a ruffled border around a rectangular baby quilt, do I cut the material on the bias or straight of grain? Any other tips for the best way to go about adding a border like this? Any help you can give me will be… Read More

Best Foundation Piecing Method

Hello, I am looking for the simplest means to do foundation piecing. I have discovered there are different methods and I am quite confused. Do you have any guidance or instruction that you would recommend? Thank you. Submitted by email… Read More

Fabric Quality for Beginners

What are your thoughts on fabric quality for beginners? I’ve heard it said that beginners may not want to use to use good quality fabric in their early quilts because they may make mistakes and thus waste good fabric. But if you’re ripping pieces apart, the cheaper fabrics… Read More

New Quilter Shopping List

I am very new to patchwork, and wanted to ask about the most helpful tools I should buy to start my very first patchwork quilt. (Apart from a sewing machine!) Which fills I should buy? What are the most efficient rulers I should have? I see a lot… Read More

Quilting with Old Blankets

I think it would be a fun idea to make a quilt out of old blankets, but I read somewhere that maybe that’s not the greatest idea. What do you think? Why wouldn’t I want to do this? Or if I did… any idea where I should start?… Read More