• Simple Fusible Applique

    Simple Fusible Applique

    Laura Roberts shows you a Heidi Pridemore quilt that is made using fusible applique. This is a simple block set up where you fuse the design in place and then edge stitch. Also, take a look at the endless possibilities of fusible web that you can use. Once you get that, learn how to make…

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  • Borders & Bindings: Using "L" Seams

    Borders & Bindings: Using “L” Seams

    When it comes to stitching long pieces of fabric, using the ā€œLā€ seam is way to go! Heather Thomas provides a helpful technique known as the ā€œLā€ seam to join strips for borders and bindings. Go through each step with Heather and begin practicing this quilting technique.

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  • Creating Templates for Foundation Piecing

    Creating Templates for Foundation Piecing

    In this video, Dana Jones shows you a helpful technique for making templates you can use for foundation piecing. You will learn how to be more precise when piecing your quilt together, and you’ll see how beneficial it is to use less fabric when exercising this technique.

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  • Quilt Fabric Ideas: Stitched Fusion

    Quilt Fabric Ideas: Stitched Fusion

    Heather Thomas introduces you to a fun and unique quilting technique known as stitched fusion. Learn how this method fuses together old pieces of different fabrics, fibers, strings, etc. to create a beautiful piece of material to work with! See how to encase your fused design with stitching and find out what tools you need…

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  • Blocks and Quilts for Foundation Piecing

    Blocks and Quilts for Foundation Piecing

    Start improving your quilting skills today with the helpful tips and techniques provided by Dana Jones. Learn how to adapt quilt blocks for foundation piecing and find out how beneficial foundation piecing can be. See many examples of traditional blocks as well as some more complicated blocks. The most exciting part is learning how to…

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  • Variegated Thread Quilting

    Variegated Thread Quilting

    ZJ Humbach presents helpful tips when working with Variegated thread. Find out how variegated thread may appear differently on the spools than on your quilt. Learn how to get a much clearer idea of what the thread will look like on the quilt using these great tips. Variegated Thread You’ll see in this video that…

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  • Quilting and Sewing Tips and Techniques

    Quilting and Sewing Tips and Techniques

    Kelly Pederson Hanson and Aurora Sisneros teach you some of the various general quilting and sewing tips, tricks and techniques that they like to utilize when working on their quilting projects, as well as helpful products including tools, organizers, carry bags, miniature irons and graph books.

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  • How to Hand Applique: Starch and Press

    How to Hand Applique: Starch and Press

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to applique by hand using the starch and press technique for your quilting projects. She walks you through the step-by-step process, demonstrating the trimming, starching and pressing.

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  • Quilting Tools: Selecting the Right Scissors

    Quilting Tools: Selecting the Right Scissors

    ZJ Humbach delivers essential tips on selecting appropriate scissors for creating beautiful quilts. Learn the benefits of using different kinds of scissors and the proper techniques to prevent potential cutting or trimming mistakes. Discover what scissors are the best investment for you to detail and finish your own quilts.

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