Thread Saver

Duration: 7:09

Robin Sruoginis shares some ideas that can help quilters save time and frustration. Robin shows us how she organizes repetitive quilt squares for seaming and piecing. Then, learn how to make a simple thread saver out of a small piece of fabric to make sewing your quilt squares much easier and less time consuming.

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4 Responses to “Thread Saver”
  1. snowbird

    I liked the tips you have shown in this video. I am new to quilting and you have shown me how to organize the way I sew. Very good advice. Thank you for sharing, I definitely will use your methods.

  2. Linda in TX
    Linda in TX

    I just want to say that I am so happy to see that someone else uses Janome. I LOVE mine! That said, I knew about the starter piece, but never occurred to me, to use them to separate the blocks, or to end with one, ready for the next string. I also like the idea of lining everything up on the ruler, to take to the machine. Thanks for a great video, and tips on time-savers.

  3. Br. Bob
    Br. Bob

    Thank you for the “thread saver” tips – very helpful! Can’t wait to start making my “chain” of blocks. I was recently given a bunch of old house dresses from the ’50s – very retro fabric – I’ve cut them up and am making my next quilt from those. Great job!

  4. Marlena

    I have been frustrated by these very things and so pleased to learn these basic techniques. Thanks.