Thread Saver

Robin Sruoginis
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Duration:   7  mins

Robin Sruoginis shares some ideas that can help quilters save time and frustration. Robin shows us how she organizes repetitive quilt squares for seaming and piecing. Then, learn how to make a simple thread saver out of a small piece of fabric to make sewing your quilt squares much easier and less time consuming.

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14 Responses to “Thread Saver”

  1. Mary Ellen Wilson

    I have found with my machine if I back up my machine just a stitch or two at the very beginning, I do not get that birds nest at the beginning of my sewing. Try it. I have a Brother Innovis.


    Great suggestions! Thank you.

  3. Pamela Wells

    Robin - Thank you so much for the wonderful tips! I will share it with others because they are so useful. Please share more tips or ideas :)

  4. Mike

    This is a great idea! I was struggling with this just yesterday. Save my seam ripper some trouble. Thanks.

  5. Joan

    This method is what I was told is called "leaders & enders". Used for this and also used when you have multiple thickness and your project just slides along.

  6. Jenny in KS

    Great video Robin--very helpful tips for all sewers. Linda in TX, I LOVE my Janome too! I actually would have written everything that Linda wrote. My Mom taught me to use the thread saver many years ago, and it has been quite helpful to save thread AND to help avoid getting the 'knots' on the back of my pieces--pet peeve of mine too!

  7. Susan

    No closed captioned??? I tried to turn it on but there was no captioned. I’m deaf and don’t understand what the person saying.

  8. Rita

    I’ve seen a few quilts but still consider myself a novice. The tips here are most helpful and I will definitely be trying out my next quilt. Threadsaver a great tip but even more I loved the idea of using my ruler to move pieces to sewing table. That was always an issue for me. It was one of those, that’s so simple why didn’t I think of that!

  9. An

    I loved this video <3

  10. Theresa

    Thank you! This seems very helpful. I’m excited to try it

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