The Ultimate Quilt Artist Collection with Heather Thomas

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Bundle: The Ultimate Quilt Artist Collection with Heather Thomas

As Quilt Artist, Heather Thomas, would say, “There are three building blocks of great design: balance, unity and variety.” With The Ultimate Quilt Artist Collection set, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of these, and learn what it takes to create your own unique artwork without the benefit of an instructional pattern or a book to guide you. Learn a variety of ways to make your projects stand out, from embellishments to hand dyeing fabric and everything in between. This special set will give you all the insight you need to find your own inspiration in creating quilts with a unique touch. This big instruction set includes a variety of products, detailed below. When purchased separately, this collection of video items and notions has a combined value of $134.

Becoming-a-Quilt-Artist-The-Basics Becoming a Quilt Artist Class: If becoming a quilt artist is your heart’s desire then this class can help you get there. Let accomplished quilt artist, author and instructor, Heather Thomas, provide you with invaluable lessons that can help you cross the chasm from relying on the instructions of others to relying on your own skill set and artistic inclinations. You will get over 90 minutes of detailed instruction in this great class!

HERO - Embellishing Techniques for your MasterpieceEmbellishing Techniques 2-DVD Set: Heather Thomas shares her favorite techniques to give your quilt a creative flair. Heather is a corner stone in the quilting community, and is known for her creative use of color, and mixed media to create one-of-a kind quilting masterpieces. This 2-DVD pack features both the Fabric Painting DVD and The Embellished Quilt DVD. 199 minutes.

ahero K3126R_5-16x9Hand Dyeing Fabric Video Download: This is all about creating that truly unique, one-of-a-kind quilt. Heather Thomas will teach you the steps to make your very own hand dyed fabric for your quilt. You will learn how to make the dye as well as the different patterns to dye on your fabric. You will also learn what fabric you need to use, how to prepare the fabric, and the process of dyeing and rinsing the fabric. 75 minutes.

ahero K3125R_2 Free Style Piecing – Beyond the Basic Block Video Download: Get ready to explore your creativity through free style piecing. Heather Thomas will show you how to take basic techniques and spice them up with free styling. You will begin with a drawing of your idea, putting your idea on a design wall, and piecing the blocks. Then, take a look at how to bring everything together taking in consideration, colors and edges of your blocks. 59 minutes.

NQC K3014J 28mm Rotary Cutter Omnigrid Rotary Cutter: This 28mm Rotary Cutter will cut fabric, paper, vinyl, leather and more! It’s perfect for all of your quilting needs! The blade is protected by a safety guard that slides back when pressure is applied and is lockable for security of small fingers. It is for right or left handed use, pressure sensitive and most 28mm rotary replacement blades will work with this cutter. Measurements: 6 by 1-3/8 by 1/2-inch.

NQC K3013J 6 12 x 6 12 Grid RulerOmnigrid Ruler: This ruler was made from a durable premium quality acrylic plastic and laser cut for a smooth edge that allows for easier deeper cutting of fabric layers, and will help give you a consistent cut on your upcoming projects! Its patented double line effect is printed in black and yellow which allows the used to see the grid on both dark and light fabrics. Measurements: 6 1/2-inches by 6 1/2-inches.