Techniques & Inspiration for Quality Quilts 3-DVD Set + FREE Ruler


Item: K3088Q


Bundle: Techniques & Inspiration for Quality Quilts 3-DVD Set + FREE Ruler

When putting hours of work into a project- you want to make sure your project turns out to be the best quality that it can. With this three- DVD set from National Quilters Circle you will get over 200 minutes of step-by-step instruction to help you do just that. You will learn how to perfect several techniques, including binding, and also how to create fun fabric embellishments and fancy quilting stitches.

Advice for Creating Quality Quilts – 75 minutes

  • Design Workshop: Stitched & Wrapped
  • Techniques Revealed: Innovative Piecing with Freezer Paper
  • Fun and Fanciful: Calendar Holder
  • Trying Something New: Quilt As You Go
  • Dazzling Concepts for the Experienced Quilter – 68 minutes

    This DVD is filled with great ideas to help you bind more efficiently and successfully. Our quilting instructors will teach you how to add interest through the use of pulling different elements from your block to bind borders, and how to create a modern look to your quilt through the use of a front finished wide bind. In addition to these great binding ideas, you will learn how to creatively add style and color to your quilt by using a color graph print. The topics we will cover include:

  • Fabric Focus: Color Graph Prints
  • Techniques Revealed: Binding Borders
  • Finishing Borders: Front Finished Wide Binding
  • Learn Superior Skills for Creating Quality Quilts – 69 minutes

  • Trying Something New: Metal Leaf Fabric Embellishments
  • Techniques Revealed: Best Binding Ever
  • Fun & Fanciful: Bevy of Thread; Thread Painting, Thread Sketches, Thread Lace & Machine Quilting
  • Quick Tips: My Favorite Quilting Tips
  • FREE Add-A-Quarter 12-inch Ruler ($11 Value)

    The 12-inch Add-A-Quarter combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt Pieces with the accuracy of using templates! Once your templates are made Add-A-Quarter with its specially designed lip will automatically add the customary 1/4 seam allowance and provide a straight edge for a rotary cutter.