Quilt Styles Simplified 4-Class Set + FREE Ruler (DVD + Streaming Video)


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Bundle: Quilt Styles Simplified 4-Class Set + FREE Ruler (DVD + Streaming Video)

Quilting isn’t just basic piecing anymore- learn four new quilting styles to add to your next project.

In this class set you will get four of National Quilter’s Circles classes covering foundation paper piecing, 3-dimensional quilting, trapunto and cutwork.

With nearly six hours of instruction, you will learn how to master each one of these unique quilting styles from start to finishing with in depth step-by-step directions.

With this class bundle you will also receive a helpful tool for drawing in seam allowances- the Add-a-Quarter ruler.

Along with these classes, you will also receive bonus PDF material with each class. These include project instructions, sample cutwork patterns and trapunto templates so you can practice and master each one of these quilting styles.

Adding Texture with Trapunto Quilting

In this video class you will learn how to add extra texture and design to your quilts with trapunto quilting. You will learn what trapunto quilting is, where it originated and how to create it several different ways. Instructor, Ashley Hough, will take you step-by-step though the following methods of trapunto quilting:

  • Tradition trapunto using an extra layer of fabric and stuffing your design
  • Trapunto quilting by machine using extra layers of batting
  • Hand trapunto utilizing a large needle and thick yarn
  • Shadow trapunto featuring sheer fabric
  • Whether it’s a Two Toned Double French Binding or Burnt Edges, each of these techniques can add some extra beauty or funkiness to the edges of your quilts. This is a can’t miss, fabulous class; packed full of interesting and unusual endings!

    Layering with Cut Work Quilts

    Want an applique look without having to applique? Give this fun and simple layering technique a try with art quilter, Heather Thomas. In this video class Heather will take you through the process of creating a unique cut work quilt including the following steps:

  • Choosing fabric colors
  • Choosing how many layers of fabric to use based on your design
  • Discuss quilt design options for the background
  • The cutting process and finishing the quilt
  • This is a great technique for anyone who likes to make wall quilts and pictorials. There is no limit to what you can stitch out then cut out!

    3-Dimensional Quilting

    Do you want to add interest and texture to your next quilt? This video class will help you achieve that by creating 3-dimensional quilts. Ashley Hough will demonstrate two main ways that you can create a 3-dimensional quilt; either by creating an optical illusion or by folding and creating an actual 3D element for your quilt. Follow along and learn:

  • Class Overview & Supplies Needed
  • Tumbling Blocks Quilt Pattern
  • Shaded Squares Quilt Pattern
  • 3D Pinwheel Block
  • 3D Flower Block
  • Machine Quilting Tips
  • How to Hand Quilt
  • Foundation Paper Piecing Essentials

    Find out how easy and fun Foundation Paper Piecing can be in this video class. It is a great way to add a little something special to your quilts. Laura Roberts will show you why this has become her favorite technique and will show you everything you need to know to get started on your next project, including:

  • When to Use Foundation Paper Piecing
  • Materials Needed
  • Getting Started
  • Playing with Fabric & Sewing Units
  • Completing the Block
  • Flying Geese
  • Creating Your Own Paper Pieced Pattern
  • Paper Piecing Resources
  • Add-A-Quarter 12-inch Ruler ($11 Value)

    The 12-inch Add-A-Quarter combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt Pieces with the accuracy of using templates! Once your templates are made Add-A-Quarter with its specially designed lip will automatically add the customary 1/4 seam allowance and provide a straight edge for a rotary cutter.