The Inspiration You Need for Your Next Quilt 3-DVD Set + FREE Sew Red Clip-On Lenses

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Bundle: The Inspiration You Need for Your Next Quilt 3-DVD Set + FREE Sew Red Clip-On Lenses

The Inspiration You Need for Your Next Quilt 3-DVD Set

This DVD pack will be sure to inspire you to create one-of-a-kind quilting pieces. You will have the opportunity to learn how to create unique alternatives for fabric such as painted lace and hand dyed fabric. This DVD pack also provides you with wonderful ideas to create and add embellishments to jazz up your quilt to make it truly special. 180 minutes.

Quilting Concepts that Trigger Unique Designs – 56 minutes

In this DVD, you will learn many creative ways to use your fabric. You will learn how to add artistic style by creating marble fabrics and painted lace. Using your creative flare, you will learn how to create fabric covered journals and fun quilts for kids using novelty prints. You will also learn how to make fold and sew quilts.
Chapter Topics:

  • Color Inspiration: Marble Fabrics
  • Trying Something New: Fabric Covered Journals & Sample Books
  • Fabric Focus: Using Kids Novelty Prints for Fun Quilts for Kids “I Spy Quilt”
  • Techniques Revealed: Fold & Sew Quilts
  • Fun & Fanciful: Painted Lace
  • Detail and Design for Quality Creations – 60 minutes

    Looking for innovative ideas for your quilting fabric? Let our quilting instructors help inspire you to use unconventional fabric ideas such as silk paper fabric and needle felted foundations to add a unique twist to your quilt. In this DVD, you will learn how to audition fabrics for your quilt by looking at the value, color, and pattern choices. You will also learn how to create a simple floral banner through the process of designing, rehearsing, and constructing.
    Chapter Topics:

  • Design Workshop: Silk Paper Fabric
  • Color Inspiration: Auditioning Fabric for Quilt
  • Techniques Revealed: Needle Felted Foundations
  • Design Workshop: Design & Making Simple Floral Banner
  • Style and Inspiration for the Clever Quilter – 64 minutes

    This quilting DVD will show you how to create a chain reaction for precuts using the Off Center X Block to make a fun, vertical design. You will learn how to understand batting and how to decide the right batting for the right quilt. You will also learn how to find and prepare applique shapes based on the fabrics in the patchwork and how to easily add dimension and a curved look without the complexity of the traditional method.
    Chapter Topics:

  • Design Workshop: Chain Reaction for Precuts
  • Trying Something New: Batting Primer
  • Techniques Revealed: Applique Shapes: Inspired by Fabric Prints
  • Trying Something New: 3-D Curved Piecing: Beyond Basic Block
  • FREE Sew Red Clip-On Lenses ($18 Value)

    Did you know… color value can be even more important than color in quilt design?

    Have you ever looked at a quilt and thought it looked blah, boring, and unexciting?

    The colors blend and they’re pretty; the fabric has good visual texture; but overall, the quilt lacks the excitement and “pop” you wish it had. It’s likely you’re looking at a quilt that needs more contrast!

    Without the proper contrasting values in your quilt, it will appear flat and dull. But with the right values, your quilt will be vibrant and exciting! The colors and fabrics you so carefully selected will pop. You will be able see and truly appreciate every aspect of even the most intricate quilt design.

    Many quilters don’t realize that contrast value does all the work in a quilt. Too often, color gets all the credit.

    Use Sew Red Clip-Ons to Determine Color Value (Light, Medium, Dark) of Fabrics

  • The red filter lens removes the color and enables you to see fabrics in a grey scale
  • With your Sew Red Glasses, organize fabrics by value – dark, medium, light
  • Check your design with the Sew Red Glasses to make sure you see every aspect of your project
  • Sew Red Glasses help you see contrasting values to create vibrancy and interest in your design
  • Keep in mind the red filter does not give you the true value of red and pink fabrics
  • Clip right on to your glasses!