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Special Quilt Creations 5-DVD Set




5-DVD Set: Special Quilt Creations

Making a special quilt or adding a special touch is the perfect way to personalize your next quilt project. In this five- DVD set from National Quilters Cirlce you will get step-by-step instructions on how to make and embellish miniature art quilts, how to paint fabric and how to create pictures with foundation applique. You will also learn how to do fun new techniques including dryer sheet backgrounds and shadow applique.

Master Designs for Crafting Prized Quilts – 66 minutes

  • Fun & Fanciful: Tucks & Trims
  • Trying Something New: Making Projects with Triangles Charm Squares
  • Color Inspiration: How to Use Color Windows
  • Design Workshop: Using Basic Composition
  • Techniques Revealed: Cricut Applique
  • Shop Talk: Tool Kit Comparison
  • Personalized Touches Using Impressive Quilting Skills – 53 minutes

    Learn how to take your inspiration and make it into a reality with layering different crystals, fabrics, cloths, beads and glass. You will learn how to quickly create a piece of art that is small enough to fit in a frame, but large enough to light up the entire room. Our quilting experts clue you in on the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics; from the velveteen and corduroy cotton to the beautiful laminated fabrics to give your final product a spectacular look based on your personal preference. The topics covered in this video include:

  • Trying Something New: Embellished Mini Art Quilts
  • Quick Tip: What Now?
  • Every Quilt has Two Sides
  • Color Inspirations: Black, White & Gray
  • Quilting Notions with Variety & Vision – 65 minutes

    There are endless options to choose from when looking to find that extra something for your quilt. Our quilting experts bring you back to feeling young and free with letting loose and painting fabric with ink through the use of markers. Learn how to not worry when running out of fabric and how to improvise if the situation arises. This video teaches you how to understand the personalities of the colors you choose and how they will interact with one another on a quilt, giving you a very successful quilt as a in the end. The topics covered in this video include:

  • Techniques Revealed: Applying Colorful Shadow Applique
  • Design Workshop: Painting Fabric with Ink
  • Trying Something New: Relaxing the Rules
  • Color Inspiration: Color Personalities
  • Fun & Fanciful: A New Twist on Fusible Applique
  • Inspiring the Creation of Heirloom Quilts – 73 minutes

  • Design Workshop: Creating Pictures with Foundation Piecing
  • Techniques Revealed: How Should I Quilt this Quilt?
  • Design Workshop: Better Quilts For New Borns
  • Special Tips for Those Special Quilts – 74 minutes

  • Fun & Fanciful: Velvet Pin Cushion
  • Trying Something New: Dryer Sheet Backgrounds
  • Trying Something New: Stenciling Without Stencils
  • Quick Tips: Essential Skills
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