Make Your Quilts Come to Life 3-DVD Set


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3-DVD Set: Make Your Quilts Come to Life

This set is perfect for the quilter looking to a wide variety of ideas to take their quilting to the next level. Our expert quilting instructors provide over 3-1/2 hours of their favorite tips and techniques on how to use color in your quilts, creating original fabrics, adding 3-dimensional materials for visual impact and more.210 minutes.

Creative Ideas and Fun Techniques – 87 minutes

This quilting DVD is packed with fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing. See how wool appliques can add an unexpected touch to cotton, flannel and wool designs, learn a fool-proof technique to add a classic mitered border to your quilt, and watch as our experts show you how to use your leftover scraps of fabric to create unique block designs. Also included are instructions on how to print on, paint and melt Lutradur to add interest to your art quilt or traditional quilt, and see how to use pre-cut charm packs to create a cute tote.

Creative Techniques, Designs and Solutions – 68 minutes

The beauty of quilts is in the details! Watch as Laura Roberts, Heather Thomas and June Dudley show how to add the finishing touches to your quilt to create a work of art. Learn how to add interesting stitches to finish raw edges, add dimension to your quilting project with wire and paint, fun uses of striped fabric for impact, and things to consider when looking at creating a series of work.

Skillful Approaches to Magnificent Quilts – 55 minutes

Having problems with your borders? Let our quilting instructors teach you how to create the real better border to prevent any problems associated with incorrect borders. In this DVD, you will also learn how to explore your sewing machine with different products to create a textured, ripped and stitched design. You will also learn how to spice up a quilt block by combining a small version of the block with the larger version and how to applique with a Shiva paint stick.