Projects, Tools & Techniques 4-DVD Set


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4-DVD Set: Projects, Tools & Techniques

271 minutes.

Master the Art of Quilting – 81 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Trying Something New: Entrapment Attaching Unusual Things
  • Fabric Focus: Hot Textiles
  • Techniques Revealed: Cathedral Window
  • Surpassing Quilting Expectations – 67 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Trying Something New: Three Sided Quilted Vessels
  • Tool Center: Essential Quilting Tools
  • Fun & Fanciful: Funky Art Owls
  • Skillful Visions to Enhance Your Quilting Projects – 64 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Tool Center: Reading a Pattern
  • Trying Something New: Sun Printing with Socrafast Dyes
  • Tool Center: Essential Tools Everyone Needs…
  • Trying Something New: How to Reconstruct a Shirt
  • Exclusive Quilting Tips for the Skilled Quilter – 59 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Techniques Revealed: Schnibbles
  • Trying Something New: Fabric Weave
  • Quick Tips: Be Comfortable & Injury Free While Sewing