11 Beautiful and Artistic Quilted Gift Ideas

quilted-artistic-gift-ideas Sometimes we all need a little break from quilting. It’s easy to get lost in projects, and every once in a while it’s good to flex your creative muscles and make something a little different. Not all quilting projects have to be quilts! If you’re looking for a creative way to use your quilting skills, try out one of these project ideas – they make great gifts and are so much fun to create.

Irish quilt pattern download

1. Beautiful Fabric Gem Stone Jewelry


Do you have some beautiful fabric laying around that you can no longer use in a project, but can’t bring yourself to throw away? Use your odd shaped scraps to make some quilted gem stones. They are fast and fun to make, and are very versatile. Put them on a hat, bracelet, hair band, scarf… the sky’s the limit! The links below show you how to create your own fabric gem stone jewelry.

Find the project here:

Quilted Jewelry a Part 1: Scraps Gem Stones

Quilted Jewelry a Part 2: Scraps Gem Stones

2. Quilted Vintage Storage Tin


For this project, you can either cut a small piece of a previously made quilt, or take your container’s measurements and create a quilt especially for it. Both ways will help you add pizazz to any storage tin you have, and make it into a cute gift. But don’t just decorate the outside! You can place miniature art quilts inside the tins for even more customization.

Find the project here: Make a Jewelry Box With a Quilted Vintage Storage Tin

3. Quilted Flower Embellishments


These 3D fabric flowers are fun to use for texture and depth on your quilts, but they can be used on anything you happen to be creating. Try adding them to a hat, scarf, purse – anything that could use a little pit of pizazz. They can even be attached to store-bought items for a personal touch! The best part about this quick little flowers is that they are great for using up fabric scraps!

Find the project here: Quilted Flower Embellishments from Fabric Strips

4. Stylish and Easy Sashiko Scarf

Person wearing a sashiko scarf

Sashiko stitching is a type of decorative stitching used to reinforce seams. It’s a great technique to use on reversible projects with exposed seams, such as this beautiful scarf project. You can hand sew this project in a few hours – a perfect project to take a break from the machine.

Find the project here: Make a Stylish Easy Sashiko Stitching Scarf

5. Stained Glass Table Runner Quilt


Stained glass quilts are quite popular, but can be very precise and intimidating. This is a good project to give stained glass quilting a try as it is smaller and more manageable. The table runner doesn’t require intricate piecing, but instead uses bias or turned edge tape. It also makes a beautiful gift!

Find the project here: Make a Table Runner Stained Glass Quilt

6. Quilted Wrist Band Cuff


Quilting your own custom jewelry is a great way to utilize scrap fabrics. It’s also a nice opportunity to test out some new quilting designs on a small scale. You can get really creative with this beautiful quilted wrist cuff project by painting, sewing beads, or using decorative sewing lines to add embellishments.

Find the project here: Make a Quilted Wrist Band Cuff

7. Fabric Ruffled Roses


Much like the fabric strip flowers mentioned above, these ruffled roses can be used to add personalized flair to many projects, or even store-bought items. It’s a different approach to fabric flower making, and requires a bit sturdier fabric. However, the finished project is well worth the effort!

Find the project here: Make Ruffled Roses Out of Fabric

8. Bargello Quilt Pattern Table Runner


Bargello quilts are made by sewing strips of fabric together to create a complex-looking design full of movement and detail. However, they are actually quite easy to make using strip sets. The pattern for this table runner can easily be adjusted for a large quilt, but it’s a good place to start with bargello.

Find the project here: Bargello Quilt Pattern Table Runner

9. Fabulous Fabric Necklaces


Maybe you’ve already made tons of fabric flowers, quilted gem stones, and ruffled roses, and you’re curious as to what to do with them. How about stringing some of them together to make a fabric necklace? You can mix and match all kinds of fabric embellishments on this simple and unique idea.

Find the project here: Using Scraps of Quilt Fabric to Make Fabulous Fabric Necklaces

10. Yo-Yo Flowers for Art Quilts


As you may be noticing, there is a large variety of flowers you can make with fabrics. Yo-yo flowers are made by stitching through a piece of fabric, and pulling the seam tight to create a “pinched” looking flower. Add this old fashioned favorite to an art quilt or handcrafted item for a touch of fun and nostalgia!

Find the project here: How to Make Yo-Yo Flowers for Art Quilts

11. Strippy Landscape Quilts


Making a strippy landscape quilt is like painting a picture! It’s a good project to use as a display quilt, and will make an impressive gift. You can also get creative with applique and 3D quilting techniques to make your landscape really pop!

Find the project here: Quilting a Strippy Landscape

Whether you are looking for a fabulous gift idea or just a project to spice up your quilting repertoire, these are all great options. Try some of them out and let us know what kind of unique twists you’ve come up with when creating them yourself!

Happy quilting!

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    Enjoyed watching the bargello quilt making. My husband had allready started on making these and tried to make me understand they were so easy. Now, after watching this tutorial, I am going to surprise him and make one. Heather Thomas does a wonderful job in explaining "how too's" Thanks so much. I just joined last night.

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