Quilting Strippy Landscapes

June Dudley
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Duration:   12  mins

June Dudley makes a water landscape with small strips of fabric. She teaches you how to gather fabrics with a variety of strips to get what you want, and goes into detail about why water color changes and how to make sure your fabric is in order of lightest to darkest value using a black and white photo copy of her fabric.

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7 Responses to “Quilting Strippy Landscapes”

  1. Jacqueline Stafford-Neale

    This is wonderful. Can’t wait to get started.

  2. Sharon Runge

    I would love to make this seas seascape design.


    Luvit! Clear and to the point. Really like the B&W photo copy idea to help determine color value! Can't wait to start this project! Thanks so much!

  4. Monica

    Thank you so much. This video was so helpful and exactly what I've been looking for. After watching your tutorial, I feel confident enough to try it. Thanks again.

  5. jan webster

    Really enjoyed your video I moved to south Wales Uk 12 months ago and live right opposite the sea you have inspired me.into creating my sea and the wonderful ssunset we get. Thank you jan

  6. m gail grimaldi

    Good clear description of the process, she left lots of room for creativity. Just love her embellishing ideas!

  7. Jeanette Thompson Maddox

    Great video and very good explanation of how to choose colors and place the fabrics for the best result. But I didn't understand how you finished the edge of the piece. Did you square it up and leave raw edges? Would a binding be appropriate or would that take away from the visual effect?

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