Heather Thomas

Make a Stylish and Easy Sashiko Stitching Scarf

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   17  mins

Learn how to make a lightweight scarf from cotton gauze fabric embellished with Sashiko stitching, patches and beads- Heather Thomas shows you how.

Sashiko Stitching

Sashiko stitching is a type of decorative stitching that originated in Japan. It is generally used to reinforce seams or repair wear and tear. It is a running stitch that looks the same on both sides of the fabric, making it great to use on anything that is reversible, or in this case on a scarf where both sides of the piece are visible.

Fabric and Construction

For this scarf, Heather is using a cotton gauze fabric. Cotton gauze can be found at most craft and fabric stores, however if you can’t find any Heather suggest other fabric alternatives. To achieve the same look and feel as the scarf in this video, you will want to use a lightweight fabric that drapes well and looks the same on both the wrong and right sides. Heather begins by showing how to prepare the fabric for stitching, which includes ripping the fabric rather than cutting so the frayed edges can add more visual interest. Then she explains how to stitch the fabric together on the machine. Heather uses a method that allows both sides of the scarf to look similar, rather than aligning the fabric right sides together to stitch, which would cause all of the seams to be on one side. Heather also explains how and where she incorporates the selvage of the fabric into the scarf to eliminate the need for a hem.

Hand Sewing

Sashiko stitching, like other hand quilting or sewing can be done with a variety of different threads. There is a type of thread known as Sashiko thread available that you can use for this project, or you can use an embroidery floss as Heather does. Heather demonstrates how to create the Sashiko stitching by simply creating a running stitch that is evenly spaced. Also similar to basic hand quilting, several stitches can be loaded onto the needle at one time to make the stitching go faster. She then shows how to finish the scarf with decorative patches and beads.

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