Block 3

We’re picking up steam in the National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge! How have weeks 1 and 2 gone for you? We’re now on to week 3 and it’s time for our third block. Here we go!

For this challenge, we are working on the beautiful Snowy Day Quilt Sampler designed by Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations. The finished size of the quilt will be 56.5 x 56.5 inches, but below you’ll find some instructions in case you’d like to change the block size. In this post you’ll also find information on fabric requirements and other tips on fabric and color choice.

Click the button below to download a PDF with instructions for the second block. And make sure to share your progress in the Quilt Block Challenge Facebook Group – we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

Basic Instructions

1. Read all instructions before beginning your block.

2. All seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

3. Pattern assumes most width of fabrics are 42 inches. If you like to prewash your fabric, you will want to purchase 1/4 yard more fabric to account for shrinkage.

4. Basic sewing, piecing, and quilting knowledge needed.

Fabric Needed

Color A (Navy): 2/3 yard

Color B (Pink): 1 yard

Color C (Teal): 2/3 yard

Color D (Grey): 2 1/2 yards (includes 1 yard of sashing)

Binding: 1/2 yard Backing: 3 3/4 yard

Andrea has chosen pretty pinks and blue hues for her design, but feel free to use whatever colors use like. It is recommended you keep Color D a contrasting color from Color A, B, and C to help the designs stand out. This design would also make a great scrappy quilt.

How to Change Block Size

Where the pattern says 4.5 x 4.5:

    Divide your total finished size block by 4 and add .5
    Example: 20/4=5+.5=5.5

Where the pattern says 5.25 x 5.25 (squares used for hst):

    Use the previous number and add .75
    Example: 5.5+.75=6.25

Where the pattern says to use 2.5 inch strip:

    Divide your total finished size block by 8 then add .5
    Example: 20/8=2.5+.5=3

If you haven’t signed up for the Quilt Block Challenge, there’s still time! You can sign up here to make sure you get the block assignments delivered to you inbox each week. And make sure to visit Andrea on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy to see more of her beautiful work!

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Finishing/Assembly Instructions

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  1. Lise Berger Mercier

    I can’t find block 3. I cannot log block 3. I was able to log block 1 and 2 on this site..

  2. linda

    very disappointed by your site
    , can’t get anything to work, done with you all !!!!!

    • Customer Service

      Hello Linda,

      We are sorry that you are not able to get the videos to work. We have sent you an email with some troubleshooting tips. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 1-855-706-3538 and they can also troubleshoot your viewing problems with you over the phone.

      Becky NQC Video Membership

  3. Lynn

    Block #3 does not give me a ‘download’, just gives instructions and I would like to see a picture of the block, and I have used the link you sent someone else and it doesn’t work for me.

  4. frances

    cant download 1 2 3 it doesnt show up for me

    wont give me 1,2,3, can you send me those

  5. Marie

    Have 7 of the blocks and eagerly looking forward to the last two. A friend and I are making and exchanging blocks each month; one with background of a white base, one with grey and once the whole quilt is put together, we plan to do a mixed backing. The same pattern; different colors with different backings. I’, eager to see hers as well as mine completed. Marie

  6. Cheryl D Williams

    A question for understanding: I’m seeing the needed fabric is the same for each quilt block. Is this the total needed for the entire quilt? Color A” 2/3 color B 1 yd Color C 2/3 Color D 2 1/2 yrds. Thank you for clarification on this. I am behind in getting started so I want to know how much fabric to get of each color for the entire quilt.

  7. Sandy Kaufmann

    Block 3 click on last x on page after scrolling down and you will get block 3

  8. Sandy Sloan

    I got my email today for block 5 today but never got block 3 and 4. Please help

  9. Wayne Miller

    I have been trying to get the link to block three and four and they do not work. how can I get the patterns to make the blocks

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Wayne. Please see your email for the patterns for blocks 3 and 4.

  10. Joanne

    The link for “Block 3” is still not working properly. I can see the instructions but no photo of the pattern.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Joanne. We have tested this link successfully. You may want to try accessing this on another browser, as this could be a browser issue. Otherwise, make sure the page isn’t being blocked by your computer. If you continue to experience issues with this, please let us know.

  11. Bev Hokanson

    it is a challenge each week for me to find my next block, not that I need to worry, haven’t even gotten 1 and 2 sewn. have 7 quilts facing me and one of my own plus just brought home material to make valance and curtains for my sis’s kitchen windows – oh and 2 pillowslips. take a valium and go for it!!!

    • Sue Worthington

      Not sure what you want me to say, I would like to join the challenge

      • elaine

        Sue Worthington, if go to their website and hold down the quilt picture there is a link, if that doesn’t work there will be a link somewhere

      • Catie

        Sue, signing up only ensures that you get the newsletter with the link to this page (the pattern). If you are looking for the quilt along portion where you get to see what others have done, you need to join the Facebook group mentioned just above the picture of the block. I hope this helps. 🙂

  12. Sue Worthington

    Would like to join quilt block challenge, I thought I did already.

  13. Geraldine

    Have the first two done. Mine will be scrappy. I’m using what I have.

  14. April Montes-Hamm

    So excited to be a part of this, but what I’m more happy about is it’s okay to get behind. No one is going to chastise you for it.

  15. Leslie

    How much of each fabric is required for this quilt? I don’t see that in any of the instructions

  16. Ruth

    Pattern 3 update/pattern release showed up at 8:17 a.m. in Facebook, but the pattern shown was block #1, not 3.