Hopefully by now you have all nine of your blocks completed for the National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge, which means it’s time to move on to our final step of the quilt: finishing and assembling! It’s been so much fun to work on the blocks over the course of nine weeks, but we have to admit we are especially excited to see the results after this week! Seeing all the beautiful finished quilts will really be the icing on the cake of this challenge.

Click the button below to download the instructions for finishing and assembling your quilt. When you’ve completed your quilt, make sure to share a photo with us in the Challenge Facebook Group! You’ll want to stick around for next week too – we’ll be giving you the full pattern download as a souvenir from this challenge, plus a recap of our favorite quilts!

And while you’re at it, make sure to give Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations some love – she is the talented designer of the Snowy Day Quilt Sampler we’ve been working on for these nine weeks and we are so happy to have worked with her. You can visit Andrea on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy to see more of her beautiful work!

Ready for the next block? Here’s what’s coming up next:

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9
Finishing/Assembly Instructions

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32 Responses to “Finishing/Assembly”


    Great design and tutorials Andrea!! Looking forward to the next project!!

  2. Jacki Hillman

    I saw the quilt challenge when it just began. I was interested in doing it but I decided to do only if I could use from my stash. Because my stash is large, I had no excuse to not take the challenge. I am pleased how it turned. I will send pictures when the sashing is complete. I’m not putting on a border. I like the ‘floating’ block look. Really shows them off….

    • Rena Sinclair

      This was very good as I’m new to quilting and found I could do this thankyou

  3. Debra

    Still a work in progress – life happened :). Congratulations to everyone who has undertaken the challenge – whatever stage your quilt is at. Thank you Andrea for a lovely quilt pattern and thank you NQC for hosting the project.

  4. Rosa

    Love it, Thank you so much for such beautiful blocks that will make an awesome quilt.

  5. Edie Raymond

    This was my first quilt challenge. I have enjoyed it immensley and learned a lot. I really appreciate the 1 page of excellent instructions for the blocks. I am in awe of the creativity of so many of the quilters and hope there will be another challenge in the near future. Thank you Andrea Smith and NQC for this opportunity to further my quilting skills.

  6. karen

    this has been a great project. looking forward to next project. thanks for sharing the patterns

  7. pam holewinski

    Thank you for posting these blocks. I have enjoyed working on them. Hope you will be doing more of this kind of thing in the future.

  8. carol gullett

    will you be having more quilting classes online, I really enjoyed doing this quilt one block a week?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Carol,

      Yes, we will be doing quilting classes like this again! Watch your e-newsletter for the latest.

      Happy Quilting!
      NQC Video Membership

  9. Pat Stewart

    I loved getting a block a week, & making it!! I have to admit, I’m in the process of assembling mine a little differently….. my blocks are red, white, & blue (2 shades)…..& decided I needed a border along with the sashing. I’m using fabric from my stash, which is a fun challenge. Thank you for the patterns for the blocks & the inspiration! I’ll try to send a picture when I’m finished.

  10. Faye Thompson

    Thank you!! It have been great, I have learned so much. Will not have my quilt finished for some time, as I am making extra blocks. But will send a picture of all blocks laid out.

  11. Debi

    I am so glad I found this group. I am fairly new to quilting and had a great time doing the challenge, I am not completely done with my blocks yet, three more to go, but I will get it completed. Unfortunately I am still working full time and don’t always have the time to devote to my hobbies. thanks you again. Debi

  12. Dawn Cross

    This has been fun and turned out really nice. Too old to learn to take pictures and put them on the web!

  13. Brenda

    Thanks so much to Andrea Smith. My first challenge and she made it so wonderful. I enjoyed it so !such and can’t believe how many signed up and from all over the world. Ready for the next one

  14. Donie

    I came in late on Snowy Day Quilt sampler.. I have only made 1 jelly role quilt so I hope this is an easy one!!

  15. Cheryl Munns

    I am finishing my quilt this week. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. I did use left over material, so my colors are green, teal and grey. It turned out great, I really like it. I am putting another boarder around it to make it bigger. Please let me know when the next one starts, I don’t want to miss out.

  16. Susan Parrish

    Had a great time with this quilt and loved seeing everybody’s choice of fabric and the way they out each block together, hope we do it again soon .

  17. Val

    Have really enjoyed doing this! Learned so much and could take my time! Thanks so much for you skill, talent and patience…. I do hope that is another challenge coming up!!!

  18. Patti

    Thanks so much for the patterns. I looked forward to seeing what was coming each week.

  19. Cecelia Paxton

    This has been so much fun. Don’t know how I will adjust to not having a block to look forward to on Thursday

  20. claire

    Fun project. Thank you for all your instructions over the past nine weeks. It was very educational.