NQC LIVE! March 2017

Join us for the latest installment of NQC Live with quilting expert Heather Thomas on Monday, March 6th at 7:00 p.m. CST. Heather will be answering your quilting questions live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A. Feel free to submit questions live during the broadcast by writing in the comment box below!


Meet Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations

We have a lot to be excited about over at National Quilters Circle. For one thing, we just started our first ever quilt block challenge! Over the course of nine weeks, we’ll be creating nine unique quilt blocks to create one beautiful quilt together. Another thing we’re excited about? Teaming up with the wonderful and… Read more »


Quilt Block Challenge Fabric Requirements

It’s time to gather your fabric and supplies – the first block assignment for the National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge is coming out soon! Below you’ll find some basic instructions and fabric requirements for the Snowy Day Quilt Sampler, which is the quilt we will be making for the Quilt Block Challenge. Designed by… Read more »


Welcome to the NQC Quilt Block Challenge!

Thanks for joining the National Quilters Circle Block Challenge! We’re so excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see everyone’s work each week. The challenge will kick off soon – keep an eye on your inbox for your first block which will be included in the National Quilters Circle newsletter. Snowy Day Quilt Sampler… Read more »


NQC LIVE! February 2017

During this month’s NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas discussed her favorite type of thread to use when piecing and quilting, how to organize and catalog your quilt projects, and tips to keep in mind if you are trying to make quilting your living.

Ask an Expert Banner NQC

How to Repair Holes and Tears in Quilt Tops

Hi there, I’m hoping you can help me. I have a newly finished quilt that got a small hole in the top from my cat’s claws. What’s the best way to repair this so that my quilt still looks okay? Submitted via Facebook Not to worry, this should be a fairly easy fix. If the… Read more »


Calling All Pattern Makers!

Do you love to quilt? Do you love to share your work with others? Do you create your own patterns? If so, we want to hear from you! We’re on the hunt for talented quilters like you who create patterns and are looking to share them with the world. We’re always trying to expand our… Read more »


NQC LIVE! January 2017

In this month’s live event Heather Thomas discusses where to begin quilting you quilt, whether to pre-wash your fabric or not and when to use products like Retayne and Synthrapol. She also gives tips for how to tell if you are buying a high quality fabric or not.

Ask An Expert NQC Newsletter

What to Include on Quilt Labels

When making a quilt label, is it appropriate to include the name of the person who designed the pattern? And is it necessary to contact the designer of a quilt pattern to receive permission to enter a quilt (made using that pattern) in a quilt show? Submitted via email When it comes to quilt labels,… Read more »