10 Great Gift Ideas for Quilters

If someone you know has caught the quilting bug, you can never go wrong with a quilting-related gift no matter the occasion. With so many specialty tools and essential supplies available on the market, there are endless options when it comes to gift ideas for your quilter. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of 10 great ideas for the quilter or aspiring quilter in your life.

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1. Non-Slip Quilting Ruler

Accurate cutting is crucial for piecing quilts. A non-slip ruler like this Omnigrip 6”x12” Non-Slip Ruler makes measuring and cutting fabric strips quick and precise.

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2. Rotary Cutter Set

A rotary cutter like the ergonomic Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set allows quilters to make smooth, clean cuts through multiple layers of fabric. A self-healing mat and acrylic ruler is also included.

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3. Neck Light

Quilting is easier with bright, clear lighting, and with this wearable neck light, your quilter can always have the right visibility to work on their projects.

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4. Iron and Mat

A good iron ensures crisp, accurate seams and blocks. The Oliso Mini Project Iron features an ergonomic design and is perfectly portable, making it great for quilters on the go. Pair it with a heat-resistant wool ironing mat for the perfect combo.

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5. Quilt Marking Pens

Tools like the Madam Sew Heat Erasable Marking Pens help make marking fabric a breeze. The special ink inside disappears when heat is applied, and any (rarely occurring) residue easily vanishes in the wash.

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6. Quilting Pins

Your quilter probably has plenty of pins, but a set of charming novelty pins like these Dritz Pearlized Heart Pins make a great Valentine’s Day gift or holiday stocking stuffer and will have them thinking of you while they sew. Their heart-shaped head also makes for easy handling. Pair it with this convenient magnetic wrist pincushion to help keep pins within easy reach.

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7. Thread Kit

Having a wide variety of thread colors is always a plus when working with a multitude of fabrics. This thread set has 63 vibrant colors to suit whatever your quilter may be working on. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more surprising, consider this selection of novelty glow-in-the dark threads for quilts that wow when the lights go out.

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8. Book of Quilt Patterns

Quilters are always looking for fun, new patterns to try. If you have a modern quilter in your life, consider a book like Urban Quilting, or for vintage-lovers, Quilt As You Go Made Vintage. Both books are full of tutorials, patterns, and stitching guidance. For the advanced quilter, a book like Quilt Your Own Adventure provides inspiration and helps quilters design their own unique blocks.

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9. Seam Ripper & Thread Snips

Any quilter can tell you how essential a good seam ripper is. While it may not be our favorite thing to admit, we all need a sharp, ergonomic seam ripper to undo those “oops” moments we inevitably face while quilting. Pair it with these elegant thread snips that can be worn as a necklace to make trimming pesky threads easy.

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10. Quilter’s Travel Bag

A handy travel bag like this rolling sewing machine case makes a useful and stylish gift for any quilter to carry projects on the go. The bag features a detachable base for easy tabletop use, removable padding, and plenty of pockets for storing all kinds of sewing notions.

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Whether your loved one is an experienced quilt maker or just piecing together a new quilting hobby, any of these thoughtful gifts are sure to show your loved one that you care about supporting their creativity and encouraging their passions. Happy quilting!

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