Heather Thomas

Using Wrapped Cord Embellishments in Your Quilts

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   12  mins

Wrapped cord embellishments can add both visual interest and texture to your next quilting project. Learn how to make and stitch wrapped cord embellishments in place using several different decorative hand stitches- Heather Thomas shows you how.

Shapes and Lines

When adding a wrapped cord embellishment to your fabric, either by hand as Heather demonstrates or by machine, you can either form a shape or create free form lines. Once you know how and where you want your cord to be positioned on your piece, Heather demonstrates how to quickly baste it in place. Basting allows you to keep your shape or line without having to use pins, glue or another method of securing the cord. Once the cord has been stitched down the basting can be removed.

Fabric Wrapping

While a piece of cording stitched onto a piece of fabric can be a quilt embellishment in itself, Heather shows how to add more color and visual interest by wrapping the cord with strips of fabric. She demonstrates how she adds the fabric to the cord during the basting process and then goes back and secures it while stitching the cording in place. Heather explains that adding fabric is a good idea to use when you have a plain color cording or one that is not that decorative on its own.

Decorative Stitches

Decorative stitches are popular for both art and crazy quilt embellishments. Heather explains what kind of thread she likes to use when stitching her wrapped cord embellishment in place and why. She then shows how to do a satin stitch, french knots and a large stitch that forms an ‘x’. By adding all of the different stitches, as well as the fabric strips to the cord, Heather shows how easy and fun it can be to add wrapped cord embellishments to your next project.

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