Heather Thomas

Free Motion Script Session 5: Add Interest With Additional Passes, Thread Painting and Flourishes

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   16  mins

Now, you’re ready to add all the extras to your stitched words. With your second pass of stitching, Heather will show you how to thicken up the lines, where to widen the letter for thread painting, where to add curly-q’s and other flourishes. Then with the third pass of stitching, she’ll show you how to use thread painting techniques to fill in the widened areas of each letter and thicken up other areas of the letters and the flourishes even more. With the fourth and final pass of stitching, Heather will help you tidy up the lines and edges and add any additional flourishes as desired. After all this practice you will be all set to write on your next quilt and able to do with beauty and ease.

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