NQC LIVE! July 2017

In this month’s NQC LIVE with Heather Thomas, get tips on how to make your binding look professional on both the right and wrong side, learn how to secure your backing fabric when basting your quilt and get ideas on how to make a Family Tree Quilt.

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34 Responses to “NQC LIVE! July 2017”

  1. Jane

    Lost the audio....is the problem on your end????

  2. Susan Chinouth

    Heather can you ask the girl to print here the answer to my question about the Coolest batting to use for the Summer quilt. I heard Heather say the answer but could not write it down because my puppy had to go out! Sorry about that!

  3. Chrys Alam

    Do you have any tricks or advice on rolling up a full size quilt for free motion quilting on a home machine? I have two Husqvarnas-a Lily 550 (my work horse) and Designer SE. Thank you so much 😊

  4. Karen

    So do you change your needles every 8 hours as suggested?

  5. Tina

    I'm a beginner, just watching 😃

  6. Carol

    You said in one of your show you use top stitch needles for quilting what of needles do you use.

  7. quiltingirl

    Does Sizing cause the same moth issues as starch?

  8. Terri Klapproth

    What type or brand of starch does she prefer?

  9. Patricia

    I am making a t-shirt quilt (1st time) is it advisable to use quilting cotton as spacer between rows? I think there is enough t-shirts (am not sure) to make a king size blanket. Where is a good guide for how much fabric I need for the back of a king size quilt.

  10. Judy Green

    Haven't done this before. Curious to see how this works.